Exotic Car Finder


Prior to the onset of puberty, and for some, even after puberty ignites a raging in a different set of hormones, these cars adorn the walls of many an automotive crazed adolescent. In other words, the top  exotic cars are the stuff of which dreams are made. While for many they exist in imagination, if you find yourself face to face with one, disappointment is somewhere way on the other side of the room. And, if you ever get to drive one? Well, let’s just say life is better with something this wonderful to look forward to.

To make this list, each exotic car must be the top performance model manufactured by a series production builder and certified for operation on the roads of the United States. In other words, these exotic cars are all “mainstream mass market” goods. Well, as mainstream mass market as you can get for these limited production automobiles. Further, each must be a exotic car model boasting accomplishment far beyond that of the average high performance car.